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Is Rabbit A Good Emotional Support Animal? - 2022 Guide

Wondering whether it will be a good decision or a bad one to have a miniature horse as your ESA? People mostly like to keep an emotional support animal letter because they believe that keeping dogs as an ESA will help them provide more effective emotional support as compared to other animals. Another main reason behind this is that cats and dogs are the most popular animals that are used as emotional support animals. Because of the popularity of cats and dogs, people think several times before opting for any other animal as ESA. However, it should be understood that every type of animal has its benefits and all the animals influence the life of people in some way or another. This means that pros and cons are associated with every type of animal, however, the owner can choose a particular type of animal as an ESA based on the emotional need required by him or her.

Seems like you are very confused in making this decision. Let’s make your decision easy today. Keep reading as you will find below some of the pros of having a miniature horse as your ESA.

It is generally considered that miniature horses are sociable, clever, tactile, and friendly animals. Their size is almost equal to a medium-sized dog or a large-sized dog. Just like dogs, miniature horses are also popular as service animals. The reason behind this is their attractive characteristics such as sociability, intelligence, and appropriate stature. Instead of all these characteristics, most people are confused about having miniature horses as their ESA because they are not sure whether they will be a good choice for emotional support or not. However, knowing about the pros of having a miniature horse as an ESA can help them make a better decision.

Mentioned below are some of the pros of having a miniature horse as an Emotional Support Animal:

As mentioned above, numerous characteristics are possessed by miniature horses that are not possessed by other animals and even dogs. These characteristics involve sociability, intelligence, and tactile nature. The company of animals that are friendly and social is enjoyed by the majority of people all over the world in comparison with animals that are not friendly or social. This is the reason cats and dogs are the most famous animals for emotional support. However, miniature horses are another species that possess all of the above-mentioned characteristics and that is why they can also be preferred when looking for an ESA. Not just this, but loyal companionship, as well as perfect support, is provided by miniature horses to their owners.

The characteristic trait “intelligence” is the most prominent and attractive trait of any animal when it comes to emotional support as this trait tends to provide the best emotional support to the owners. Almost all of the emotional support animals such as dogs, domesticated rats or cats, etc. are smart but in terms of intelligence, miniature horses are considered the most intelligent emotional support animals. They are in the group of the most intelligent animals in the entire world. It is their intelligence that makes the owners train them up to a high level very easily and without putting any extra effort. It is their smartness and intelligence that puts them under the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’ and makes them the best service animals.

The owner will be kept fit with a miniature horse emotional support animal. Outdoor exercise is daily needed by miniature horses. For instance, they are fond of going for daily walks on the roads. In addition to that, they like to visit places with green spaces such as parks, etc. This daily exercise is a benefit for the owner of the horse as he or she will have to carry the horse daily for outdoor exercise. While fulfilling this need of miniature horses, the physical as well as cognitive fitness of the owner is maintained. Daily exercise with your emotional support miniature horse will allow you to take a sufficient amount of exercise or healthy activities that will be reflected upon your mental and physical development throughout your life. This is one strong advantage of having a miniature horse as an emotional support animal.

Another pro of having a miniature horse as an emotional support animal is its manageable size. Most of the owners find miniature horses the best because they can carry them anywhere very easily. Moreover, it is very easy to manage the household with miniature horses as they are very intelligent and adaptable. Getting an esa letter for housing makes it easier for the owners to keep them at home and even carry them into their society.

These were some of the pros of having a miniature horse as an emotional support animal. Apart from that, most of the people who have experienced having a miniature horse as an emotional support animal have found effective results in terms of their emotional as well as physical health. This is the reason behind the recent popularity of miniature horses as ESAs. It has also been found that most people ignore having a miniature horse as an ESA because of their lack of awareness regarding the numerous pros associated with having miniature horses. However, getting an ESA Letter for a miniature horse requires the same procedure as is needed for other types of animals.

Hope this helps you keep in mind why miniature horses are a great choice for an ESA!

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