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students often have a hard time finishing their dissertation. They struggle a lot, especially if the topic is out of their comfort zone. If you are in a position where you urgently need help, they type in 'dissertation writing guide and get assistance from experts. However, if you have time, pay attention to formatting your paper. There are several ways to format a dissertation paper, but you should follow university guidelines.

Here are some formatting tips and tricks for writing your dissertation in Microsoft Word.

1) Table of Contents

when you are formatting a dissertation paper using MS Word, you do not have to develop the table of content manually. Students often find this task quite dull and annoying, especially if they add a few things and a couple of headings.

Make use of styles to create a table of content.

Next step, students need to develop the heading as "Heading 1″, Heading 2," etc.. and all these depend on whether it is a heading, subheading, sub-sub heading, etc.

Step 2:

Students need to click on the "References" tab

choose "Table of Contents."

Now students have to click on a pre-defined style. They can select "Insert Table of Contents…" and customise the settings.

2) Create Templates

Another trick that students can use is once they have the styles and table of contents in place, students need to develop a template for each chapter of their dissertation. The templates are used to store information about their margins, styles, images, charts, reports, and various other elements that make up a dissertation.

Click the file menu

choose the new panel on the left-hand side

Then, double click their desired template from the resulting list of options.

3) Split View

when writing a dissertation, you might simultaneously address two parts of the same document. Students need not worry as they refer to a set of points on page 10 while writing a paragraph on page 14.

Students can use the Split View option of MS word to dodge going back and forth multiple times to refer to data. The option of MS Word is quite well hidden, and there are two ways students can use it.

Students can get access to the "split" option on the "view" tab, or simply students can use the tiny black bar that they can see above the scrollbar. Both of them will allow students to split the window into 2.

The above-mentioned tips can help you create academic papers using appropriate formatting. Apart from these, students can opt for online services that offer 'Procter And Gamble' and other academic services.

Summary- academic papers need formatting, and MS Word is where most students write their academic papers from assignments, essays, and whatnot. Using some tips, they can effortlessly format dissertation papers. Multiple online writing services provide students with 'Thesis Writing Service' so that struggling students can get assistance.

Author Bio- Alvin Louis is a full-time writer at, and students can find her if they search for expert help to ‘write my assignment he is a pianist as well from an early age. He wanted to become a writer but did not want to leave her love for playing the piano, so he took writing as her profession as playing the piano as her hobby.

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